7 Churches of Revelation

These next next two chapters of Revelation, 2-3, cover 7 churches. There are very important instruction in these. There are few things we must consider while studying these churches:

These were 7 literal churches that Jesus speaks directly to their strengths as well as their weaknesses. In order of church history, they are represented perfectly of the church age, in sequential & consecutive orders. Guess what age we are in now? Laodicean, the last church addressed and the apostate church age. Jesus can come at any monment.

There is another application we get from these 7 churches. Each of the churches today take up characteristics of any of these. And most important for us, we each personally are characterized by one of these, which change as we change. So personally, what church do we look most like? Where is our hearts toward Christ? Jesus gave us the path to an abundant Spirit filled life. We all want to be the church of Philadelphia.

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