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Can we nail down our Bethel?

Genesis 35:15 And Jacob called the name of the place where God spoke with him, Bethel.

I have lived in many places, visited several countries. I cant quit pick a favorite. Bethel, such great history. Such a rich memory of where God spoke to Jacob. There are many "Bethels" in so many of His people. Our once great nation, I suggest to you, was a Bethel. I regretfully say once! Fast forward to the times of the kings of Israel. Jeroboam sets up a golden calf in this very town. Forces Israel to worship there. From holy to profane! Relics, icons, tangible places will all become idols if the relationship of God is departed from us. Great memories but those mean nothing to us now if we let the torch go out. The religious community of this world spends billions on old faded idols that the glory of God has left many of years ago. The cathedral of Notre Dame, of which I personally have experienced, is being rebuilt at the tune of millions. My opinion, should of let it burn to the ground. It was so dark and depressing way back in the 80's. May we come to the place in our lives, we stop exalting things or locations, just because God showed up there. What Im saying is this, His voice shouldnt be so rare, you only have one spot. Everywhere we walk, should be holy, for He is with us and IN us! All praise and honor to Him.

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