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Chaos or Peace!

There is this intense struggle by Jacob's wives, Leah & Rachel, to produce sons, in hopes for approval and favor. This is not healthy and there is a lot of unseen hurt here. Jacob, though unintentionally, created this atmosphere. He favored highly Rachel, how would that make Leah feel?

Genesis 30:22 and God listened to her and opened her womb.

Somehow, someway, God fixes mens disasters. Not all men, but many men have created an atmosphere with their wives of bitterness and resentment added with jealously. Not a good combination. The bible commands us husbands to LOVE our own wives and also to live with them in understanding. We are to guard them from such things that come naturally thru the flesh. This sence at Jacobs house is chaotic. Only the LORD can straighten this out, and He does. We may not be facing this exact chaos in our homes now, but there are lots of other examples. Only Jesus can fix them. Give our attention to Him.

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