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Denial doesnt have to be the end of your story

John 18:25 Now Simon Peter stood and warmed himself. Therefore they said to him, “You are not also one of His disciples, are you?” He denied it and said, “I am not!”

26 One of the servants of the high priest, a relative of him whose ear Peter cut off, said, “Did I not see you in the garden with Him?”

27 Peter then denied again; and immediately a rooster crowed.

Peter, who earlier said he would die for Jesus, has been demoralized by his own expectations of Christ. "LORD, I thought You were supposed to beat down these romans and establish Your rule and reign, that means I, I mean we, will be in charge." But now, Jesus is gone. His ideas of Him have not happened, he's so confused! he doesnt even know Him now! Yet, Jesus consistantly reminded them of what would happen. Peter, at his ultimate low, spiritually, denies he even knew Christ 3 times. He warms himself, which is a result of straying from Christ. I truly believe the LORD allows us to get here so we come to a greater desire to be for and with Him. I remember how He warmed my heart, I want that back. He is so faithful, He rekindles the flames and blows upon the smoldering flax. "LORD light the fire that once burned bright in me"

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