dependence on Christ

Its the 4th of July, the day we recognize our nations independence. We were far from rebels! In fact, most just wanted to be good english citizens, left alone, to worship God, live their lives. The oppressor wont allow that freedom. There comes a point when enough is enough! The great awakening was the catalyst for our independence. Behind most pulpits, preachers who would passionately preach Christ and the freedom offered, would recruit most of the courageous men who would hold back the slaughter of the british! Without passionate, Spirit led men, who lived by "give me liberty or give me death", we would never be America. Psalm 146:7 The LORD gives freedom to the prisoners.

Yes, sin enslaves us! Sinful men, and women, are used by satan to ensure we remain enslaved. The taste of freedom is to powerful upon those oppressed. Why would we ever want to go back into slavery? Our nation would be wise to repent and turn unto the LORD, whom has purshased men by His blood. The LORD alone, ensures our total freedom. Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom! Have a blessed day of freedom in and by Christ.

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