Fresh Bread anyone?

9“In this manner, therefore, pray: 11Give us this day our daily bread.

We ask the Father, to give us the substance to sustain us today, each day. This keeps our relationship fresh and alive. I have found, when preparing my messages for services, I glance over the text in advance, yet the meat comes close to the day of delivery. I cant work up a message and just coast for days or weeks. I love it this way because its a fresh word, alive, and dependant on the Spirit of God to recieve it. There are always those areas that, due to experience, I just know them well, however, God can refresh those areas with a heavy dose of joy and excitement. Due to covid, I cant tell you how many pastors have decided to do their pre-recorded messages, weeks, months, and even longer, in advance, which I believe totally misses this key point here. Give us this day our daily bread. I even heard of a well known pastor who knows a year in advance, what he is teaching. I dont know a day advance whats for breakfast. It takes commitment & loyalty to Jesus in order to seek & ask Him daily for bread. LORD, help me remain commited to seeking You daily for bread, for Your word.

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