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Getting to know your savior

Psalm 97:10You who love the LORD, hate evil!

How simplified, yet complex, this relationship we have with the LORD. I love my LORD, but He first loved me and displayed what true love is to me. As I, day by day, grow in love with my savior, I grow to hate the things He hates, to look at evil as He does. Nobody taught me what not to like. Nobody had to. I sat at His feet, in His word, in His glorious presence. I learned, and continue to learn, what is the LORDs likes and dislikes. This is no different with a spouse. I know what Melissa likes and dislikes, Im sure she has told me many times, but Im somewhat slow. Point is, by spending time with those you love, you discover these truths! Spend your time with Jesus, you will hate evil!

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