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God are You sure?

"I wonder if God picked the wrong person?" These words are dreadfully before me way to often! I have heard these words to many times in my 27 years as a christian. I have battled these lies. I know the theological answer to this, yet still struggle. How can God accomplish anything of value through me? Will I allow God to go all the way in my life? I hope you can hear my heart in this, maybe even relate to this battle in your own life. Im not enough! I will never be enough! Oh, but in this depressing truth, Ive found freedom! Jesus is all I need, and Jesus is more than enough! Colossians 2:9 For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. I only stand here today because the Spirit of God silences these lies. He makes me something of value and He has included me in His life changing work. I live life today with this proverbial chip on my shoulder, God, You picked the wrong guy! Im still amazed when He works on & in me. Im still blown away by my Fathers goodness to me as when He began in me at the age of 19 (few yrs ago). By the way, the quote I opened with, came out of Chuck Smiths mouth. Look how God has used him, is still using him 10 yrs after his passing to glory! I, we, you must never believe the lies, that you are not good enough, not able, not going to be used by God! Spend more time believing, that in Him, you are complete! Love ya'll and fight the good fight. God always picks winners. God never makes a mistake. I can only imagine what God had instore for Judas, had he allowed Him to have control in his life. What a story that could have been?

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