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God, where?

Psalm 14;1 The fool has said in his heart,“There is no God.”

The LORD gives men wisdom. If men refuse His wisdom, there is left only foolishness. God states here in His word, that those who supress the fact that God is calling for them, seeking them out, desiring to be a part of their life, are fools. How can you see all His creation, the splendor, the fine details, and then just foolishly explain it all away. Especially those with an education, using the scientific meathods, using the 3 laws of thermodynamics, ect? Science may not prove God exists, but it doesnt disprove Him either. The belief in God is faith. But also, the belief in evolution is much more faith. Evolution is a belief system. Nothing in evolution theory has ever happened, so it takes greater faith, in my opinion, to be an evolutionist. Im sticking to faith in the Faithful One.

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