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He actually speaks to us?

Jer. 22:1 Thus says the LORD... 2 Hear the word of the LORD...

Let me seriously bask in and chew on these two amazing realities about the Lord! The Lord Jesus Christ speaks, to me! To you! This only means that He is alive, real, actively present in our lives. Lord, please continue to speak to me, may I be quiet, and take in what You are say. Then there is this idea to hear Him. This can only be attained by eliminating all distractions, even seemingly harmless good ones. Silence before our Father, is a good trait as it allows Him to invest in us, to grow us, to speak to us! Speak to me Lord for Your child is here, listening. How many conversations, words of wisdom, do I miss when I fail to acknowledge that He is speaking and I need to quiet down and listen? When He is able to get my attention, refocus me, wow, what amazing experiences Ive had and heard by Him. You need a word from God? You desire to hear Him? You are in a great place and blessing because He will open the floodgates.

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