Herod meets Jesus, finally!

Luke 23:8 Now when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceedingly glad; for he had desired for a long time to see Him, because he had heard many things about Him, and he hoped to see some miracle done by Him. 9 Then he questioned Him with many words, but He answered him nothing.

10 And the chief priests and scribes stood and vehemently accused Him.

11 Then Herod, with his men of war, treated Him with contempt and mocked Him, arrayed Him in a gorgeous robe, and sent Him back to Pilate. 12 That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other, for previously they had been at enmity with each other.

Herod, a summation of carnality, wants Jesus to perform for him. Jesus doesnt say or do anything. So, herod mocks Him & sends Jesus back to pilate. How much restraint our Savior has. Jesus is so influential, that He even brings old bitter rivals together again. We all have this chance. To turn from Jesus and then to those unholy relationships who only become toxic for spiritual growth. I tried to share Christ with my best friend, Eric, and my new found relationship. He wasnt having it and blew me off. I never heard from him ever again. "Best friends" right. I totally recall the temptation just to shut up, say nothing, remain the same. My savior changed me, I didnt feel easy with that approach. I dont regret a thing! I hoped he would come to the only logical conclusion, who knows, maybe later he did. Jesus is #1 before all my relationships, even my wife.

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