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His word is no secret

2 Peter 1:20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation.

What Peter came to know, through experience, was that this prophecy, of Jesus, through the scriptures, is not of any private interpretation. Meaning, what the scripture says, it means. There is no mystic meanings. Yes, all scripture requires you to have the Spirit to enlighten His word, to understand it. However anyone can ask, seek, & knock to recieve of His Spirit. It doesnt take one to go through school. God will reveal His truths to a young child as well as a seasoned believer of many years. Meaning, what the Spirit reveals to me should be the same as what the Spirit reveals to you. If they dont mesh together, one of us is off. Some error in saying the bible text has many interpretations. Wrong, every verse has one interpretation. They may have several applications but one interpretation. This private interpretation mentality only creates pride and hierarchies. It is amazing how we understand what God reveals to us. Its a miracle He even reveals Himself to us at all. No levels of truth! Truth is truth.

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