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Jesus, my shield

Psalm 119:114 You are my hiding place and my shield;

I hope in Your word.

These traits of the LORDS are easily overlooked. However, if you need Him to hide you, to protect you, from the on slaught of the enemies attacks, they are much appreciated. I think of Anne Frank, and her family, hidden away from the nazi's. Unfortunately, they seemed to have been ratted out. A shield takes the brunt of the attack. Jesus, took the brunt of the attack for us! I have hopefull expectation because of Gods word. Brother Andrew, in the God smuggler, tells of once he had a vw bug loaded with bible going into communist china. He was stopped and car searched at the border. He prayed, LORD blind their eyes! They let him go, didnt notice all the bibles in front of them. There is a time for God to open the blinded eyes, but then times to blind the open eyes and hide us.

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