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New website update for Calvary Gulf Coast

This is not a devotional. Im sending this out to prepare you for, and make those aware who dont know yet, that we are in the process right now of developing our new website on Subsplash. We also will have a mobile app for both Android as well as apple. There will be lots of really amazing bible study tools included with this app tying together past messeges linked by key words, books, or even topics, for easy access. Im not sure how this change will effect the daily devos, but please pray and have patience as we transition. When we finally make the switch, our wix website and this spaces app will be no more. Stay tuned for this important switch. The site will remain and we will be livestreaming our services directly through our webpage, not facebook any longer! We have a very large following on facebook, over 750 people, so we will upload messages, church info, ect on our facebook page as usual. We will just not be depending upon social media platforms to approve or disapprove ministry done here as a church. Our hope and desire is to get Gods word out to as many as possible and when facebook silences us, as they have, we will still get the word of God out! I will update everyone before we make the switch. Giving your tithes, offerings, or even register events online will no longer go through paypal, huge relief, but go directly through our webpage, this is truly a great option! All in all, super excited about this change coming and hope everyone will further their use of this technology for the glory of God. If you have any questions or need any further clarity, please use this thread to respond. I believe we are at least a month away, until we complete our site and switch.

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