Offenses are all around us. We would all agree, that being offensive is not acceptable behavior. Yet, its all around! I believe hatred and racism is very offensive. Its not just words, its the hatred and vicious intent behind those words that slaughter our fellow man. Its never okay to spew vileness & hatred toward someone else. But Jesus tells us, that we are blessed if we are not offended at Him. Matt. 11:6 "And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me." How do I become offended by Jesus? Anytime we lessen Jesus to who He is not, anytime we belittle who He is, anytime we sit in unbelief, we are offended because of Him. Either He is or He isnt God? He never claimed to be a good teacher, an excellent prophet, but He did claim to be the Son of God. Does His word & ways settle your heart toward Him or do they cause friction & discord among you & He? Do you stand tall at confessing Him to others, or do you refrain and hold to a secret faith of Him, one nobody knows of? In a court of justice, would there be enough evidence to pronounce you guilty of being a follower of Jesus?

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