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Only life to a believer!

What a song of worship. As I read it, Its easy to get caught up to His throne. Then a unique revelation about us, His saints. Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD

Is the death of His saints.

When the LORD receives each saint, into His presence, He views them as precious. A warm welcome home. He stood as He recieved Stephen home. Death to a believer is not death at all. Its simply shedding this mortal weak flesh and taking up immortality. The heavenly option is amazing. When I pass on to glory, I would hope that friends and family would throw a huge celebration. Thats what is awaiting us in heaven. The older I get, Im made aware eternity is getting closer, reality sinks in, but an earnest expectation is fueled by what awaits me. I want to live what little time I have here to the fullest. Come LORD Jesus, come!

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