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Colossians 3:21 Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.

I find this verse intriguing. Mothers typically dont have issues here, though there are rare cases. As a father, I must inquire what this means or Im prone to fall to it. Provoke means to stimulate, excite, stir up. All these things are good to some degree but depending upon the what we are provoking. Things that are from previous discussion, things above or things of this earth. As a father, Im to stir up, excite, stimulate heavenly things. Any worldly provocation of not only our children, but any, will only lead to discouragement. Meaning, a broken spirit, disheartenment. Im to emulate my Father and He has never put my focus on worldly things that, at best, lead us to heartaches and pains. Which would leave me broken toward Him asking Him why would He waste my time. Every moment counts with our loved ones. As a father to my son, my daughter, I must be diligent on what I provoke in their life. Im far from perfect, yet I have lived a life desiring to invest into my children the truths, love, experiences of God. After all, they are on loan to me, for a season, what will I do with His own?

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