Religious world system

Revelation 17, we see this woman who rides upon the beast. We see 10 kings who give power & authority to the beast.

This world system is totally connected with this mysterious babylon and the beast. The woman (harlot) is representative to the false religions of the world joining the antichrist and his satanic rebellion. Right now, the culture is priming for this. Throughout history, false religion has done more harm than pagans. At this point, the church is in heaven, these false religions are joined, and the revised roman empire (10 kings). Ive heard it said, sleep with the devil and you might not wake up. This harlot gives her allegiance to satan however the relationship is never mutual to him. He takes from her what he wants then disposes of her. The LORD is full of love, which is unconditional. He gave when we could not give to Him.

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