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Seeking the will of God

Acts 1:20 Let another take his office.

There has been lots of chatter as to who should of took Judas place! Why? God knew from the beginning. This is a quote from psalm 109:8. But they didnt know. This would take prayer, and unity to figure out the general will of God here. Both these guys Barsabas & Matthias, good guys! They resulted in an old custom of casting lots to determine Gods will. It seemed to work, I guess, or is God just gracious to us? At this point, they were filled with the Spirit! I dont think it matters how God works just so long as we are seeking Him in the work. What if they refused to adhere to this outcome due to it being the "old ways"? Why complicate ministry, there are plenty of complicated things out there! Others even say, none of these 2 but Paul was the rightful apostle! Well, I really dont care which it should of been, Matthias was present to serve and he was favored. To me, the important thing is they sought the Word of God for this experience. You cant go wrong there. We have been freed to serve our Lord and to examine His word, to try His word, to learn His will! And sometimes, ministry gets messy figuring out the Spirit vs our flesh. Thank You Lord for Your great mercy, grace, & justice!

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