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The Boss said go

Matt 28:18-19 “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore...

Jesus is God. In Him, the Father is pleased. He has the name above every name. All authority is His. So now, what do I do with this? How do I process? Simply put, I live for Him. I listen to Him. I do as He says. No other voice trumps Jesus. Any conflicting messages against or in place of His, I dont even entertain. Everything I need to know and learn to live godly is found in Christ. The pope for example, a very powerful figure in this religious world, just a man and where he strays from Jesus, we stay on course after Jesus. Ive never taken the pope serious, Ive researched way to much and cant put that back into the box. While training my dogs, I want to keep their attention. If they want the reward, they will keep their eyes fixed on me until I give the command. In like manner, I want to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus just as intently, waiting on His command, then walk in obedience. Thankfully, He looks to us as friends, brothren. I call Him LORD because thats who He is to me. Im going!!!

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