The gospel message!

Genesis 5 This whole chapter covers the names from Adam to Noah. The direct bloodline to Christ. Its often skipped, but that would be a mistake. I believe, entwined in this genealogical record, is the simple gospel message. Taking the meaning of each name, in chronological order, this is what you have: Man_(is) appointed-mortal sorrow-(but) the blessed God-shall come down-teaching-(that His) death shall bring-(the) despairing-rest. The quotations added for clarity of the sentence, and not the names themselves. Truly amazing! This is exactly the summation of the gospel. I love sharing this passage and then simply letting the gospel speak for itself. Jesus was appointed enduring mortal sorrow above all men, the Blessed by the Father, came down to this earth teaching and declaring the way to heaven, His death alone allowing sinful humanity, those in despair, comfort and rest. Im so amazed by Gods word.

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