The unholy trinity

Revelation 13, is all about this unholy, satanic, counterfiet trinity. It speaks of the dragon (satan), the beast from the sea (antichrist), and the beast from the earth (false prophet). satan is without an original thought other than lies. Jesus called him the father of them. satan picks the antichrist, the antichrist is proclaimed by the false prophet, & the antichrist lead men to the dragon. Many have tried to name the antichrist, I believe in error. We arent looking for him, we as the body of Christ, keep our eyes on Jesus, eagerly waiting for Him to come get us at any moment. We can only speculate at best so why do that? There has been many antichrist spirits throughout time, many holding many characteristics yet is not he. But truly, I careless who he is, I plan on being at Christs supper of the Lamb with ya'll saints at that point he makes his foolish debut on earth. May those ratings tank! Yah God and come quickly LORD Jesus!

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