waste or conserve

Matt. 26:8 But when His disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste?

Everything not given to the LORD is a waste! I have wasted many things. However, whats given to my Savior is never wasted. Ive wasted money on insurance coverages I didnt need, going out to eat at places I later regretted. I gave the best of my physical work to employeers who didnt deserve it, a waste. I have spent hours watching movie marathons that in the end, meant nothing to my spiritual, nor physical, health! I would say, to much time has been devoted to waste. Yet now, I feel full, satisfied, fulfilled! Why? That little portion of my life, Ive given totally, freely, to Jesus, has overwhelmed the years of waste. I find it a challenge to avoid wasted idle time. I on the other hand, look forward to opportunities to pour out my alabaster flask out upon Jesus.

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