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What would you do?

Im doing something a little different today. We have family, christians, all over the world suffering persecution. I mean real life or death things. There are evil men, possessed by demons, who will through fear of torture, try and force believers to recant, deny Jesus, or they will torture & kill their close loved ones, in front of them, for not denying Jesus. Awful, 100%, but Ive never really thought about the extreme trama this would cause in both those being demanded to deny as well as those potentially tortured. Honestly, I would not fault anyone if they recanted, Ive never been put in that extreme spot. Yet, I would have to assume the chances that Gods power is displayed when we DONT deny Him is much much greater. Im saying right now, death is not the worst thing that can happen, seperation from God thru eternity is. I asked my wife first, I loved her answer, but I will let her share that if she likes. My heart truly hurts for so many children that have had to make that choice, and live with the horror and terror of the outcome. Jesus has to be broken for them and seeks to minister to them. They arnt the evil ones, satan and his demonic influences are! Jesus speaking to the church of Philadelphia (Rev 3:8) said "have kept My word, and have not denied My name." So, here is what I ask of you, please respond with your answer in the comments, if you would. What would you do if one demanded you deny Christ or they will harm a loved one? There are no right or wrong responses due to being hypothetical, yet I just thought about this. There are other factors not included that may or may not alter your response, such as an unsaved family member they threaten ect. This could be a reality soon in america, I do believe, unfortunately. Only answer honestly as best you can, Im curious to hear from you. Now, I will answer first. I would not deny Jesus under these circumstances. If it was an unsaved loved one, well that is absolutely tough, but I would be emphatic for that person to repent quickly and recieve Jesus, I will try to stal these guys for a few minutes. So, Im not one you can depend upon in a life or death situation, you may get to heaven quicker than I. Im expecting God to honor my stand for Him, in which He always will, one way or another. I know this is a heavy question.

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