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Who are examples?

1 Thessalonians 1:7 so that you became examples to all in Macedonia and Achaia who believe.

Paul, you mean this church that only had 3 weeks of formal training, that was heavily entrenched in idolatry before you came? They became examples for all that region? Absolutely! Again, maturity doesnt happen with age or time, its fast tracked by ones openness and willingness to surrender their lives to God. As much as you sit at His feet, as much as you seek His wonderful face, as much as you read and do His word, well, you will grow accordingly. Put nothing in, well, your growth is stunted! What a shame to have left the world but to never fully walk in the ways of the Living God. Its like me with algebra in high school, never applying myself to its principles, and it showed! I was always weeks behind due to my neglect. I finally got it but my how much time I wasted or did not enjoy class because I just wouldnt devote my time to study. You can do great exploits, see wonderful things of God, experience His Holy Spirit change you or you can just look on and maybe see what God does in others, maybe! Lord, do Your will in me. May I be the example You formed me to be. May I not limit You.

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