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Who are the mature ones?

I want to simply pose a thought. How is spiritual maturity attained? We know that experience is important. As we age, we gain knowledge, most part. Yet I dont believe age of years has any advantage as having a real maturity built by spending time with Christ. I have personally experienced Gods wisdom and knowledge while very young, not coming close to having a shred of experience in life. I witnessed old men who were so immature as if they still belonged in grade school, I dont mean any disrespect while saying that. I thought of this as I began my study in 1 Thessalonians, this church was established in 3-4 weeks time. I truly believe that as much as you open yourself and give of yourself unto the Lord, He will fill you. As far and as deep as you desire to walk, He will enlighten you. I know young children with more wisdom than physically older adults because of their reception of the Lord. Jesus did use the examples of children and childlike faith as the means of entering heaven. Maturity in Christ is the standard and wheather young or old, how intense is your desire for the Lord? The past is past, only the present matters! Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness? Lord, less of me and more of You please! This process doesnt happen naturally, its a spiritual thing!

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