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Mark 3:1 And He (Jesus) entered the synagogue again, and a man was there who had a withered hand.

Who is this man? Is he important to the story? Had he given up on the Lord and just embraced his problem? Why werent there folks gathered around him seeking the Lord for his healing? Why do the religious leaders not care about him but use him as a pawn to get at Jesus? Then, there is this, how often has he sought God in tears, and cries, in trust, in obedience? I know this man sought the Lord. I know he pleaded for God to restore him. How? Jesus went out of His way to enter this synagogue, because of him, not for a bible study! He showed up just for him! Jesus answered this mans prayers long ago but this day is the execution to His answer! He was an obedient man for he was found in the synagogue, the gathering of Gods people, to hear Gods word. He is staying put in the Lord, in the assembly of the Lord. Speaks volumes about his priorities to me! I hope I can have and display just a portion of this mans grit. He is not just a forgotten man, he is a man God searched out and healed powerfully.

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